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Best Minigames Platz 45: Simple4K

Minigames: Das Spiel im Spiel - Spaßige Zeitverschwendung. Manche lockern den Spielfluss auf, andere lenken unnötig davon ab. Unser Autor. Spiele Top -Spiele bei Miniclip. Unsere beliebtesten Top -Spiele sind 8 Ball Pool, und Soccer Stars - und wir haben mehr als 59 weitere Top. Spiele dich in Dress Up to the Top an die Spitze der Fashionistas! Nur mit schönen Outfits kannst du hier gewinnen. Jetzt kostenlos spielen! Vom Chocobo-Rennen in FINAL FANTASY XIV bis zu Triple Triad in FINAL FANTASY VIII – wir werfen einen Blick auf einige der besten. Platz 45 der besten Java4K-Games belegt Simple4K. Bei dieser Block-Tower-​Defense müssen sie mit Minen (weiß) oder Gefechtstürmen (grün) den Gegner.

Best Minigames

Platz 45 der besten Java4K-Games belegt Simple4K. Bei dieser Block-Tower-​Defense müssen sie mit Minen (weiß) oder Gefechtstürmen (grün) den Gegner. Nach oben. Ergebnisse einschränken. Kostenlose Top-Spiele. filtered by. Top kostenlos; Spiele; PC. Ergebnisse 1 bis 90 von Minigames: Das Spiel im Spiel - Spaßige Zeitverschwendung. Manche lockern den Spielfluss auf, andere lenken unnötig davon ab. Unser Autor.

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Top 10 BEST Super Mario Party MINIGAMES! Cargo Bridge 2 Build Zukunft Ethereum bridge and test your construction skills. Follow the instruction Look around to find Creeper World Evermore Defend our galaxy against the Creepers in the never ending campaign that randomly generates new maps Ultimate Pong Use your paddle to hit the soccer ball into the opponent's goal post to score. Ellie Ruined Wedding Ellie's wedding was ruined after a storm break out! Pet Hospital Doctor Take a good care the injured animal in your pet hospital!

Best Minigames Video

Top 10 Best Super Mario Party Minigames Deshalb ist Fingerspitzengefühl gefragt! Inzwischen wurden mehr als Millionen Scrabble-Spiele verkauft. Todesmutig und unermüdlich hüpfst du durch die Landschaft, weichst Hindernissen aus und versuchst, see more nicht von hinterhältigen Gegnern erwischen zu lassen, die dir das Leben zusätzlich schwer machen wollen. Hill Climb Racing Mit 4,5 von 5 Sternen bewertet. Aktuelle Artikel. Die Gesetze der Bauklotzphysik sind realitätsnah Dazu müssen Sie stets alle Steine nutzten. Windstärke bestimmen, Abschusswinkel wählen und Feuer frei. Nach oben. Ergebnisse einschränken. Kostenlose Top-Spiele. filtered by. Top kostenlos; Spiele; PC. Ergebnisse 1 bis 90 von The official Minecraft: Guide to PVP Minigames contains some of the best games for you to re-create and play with friends in your own world. When Gutschein. Best Minigames

From momentary vehicle combat to hacking and cards games, minigames have a variety of functions. Sometimes they're great, giving you optional paths to engage with when you're looking for a change of pace, and other times they're crowbarred in to a game's detriment.

They can provide further detail to a setting, or they can infuriate and increase the chance of the game being uninstalled within the next ten minutes.

Let us know your answers to the following in the comments: what are the best and worst minigames? I sometimes think I'm the only person who likes Final Fantasy's underwater football game.

I love how it has its own progression and move system, and that you recruit NPCs around the world to join your team, needing to pay them a salary for each match.

It heightens the idea that Blitzball is an important part of life in Spira, the game's setting, and means that there's a strong connection between this minigame and the rest of FF10's journey.

Bioshock's pipe puzzles would've been fun in moderation, but there are so damn many of them that they become arduous by the second half of the game.

I like hacking represented as something visually interesting, but after a while they just slow the pace of the game down.

Bioshock 2 found a way to keep the game's pace up while you were hacking turrets and the like. I'm not sure it's worse than racing in Pandemic's The Saboteur or the original Mafia, but it's the minigame I've groaned at the most.

The gesture of moving around procedurally-generated clippings and photos, pulling lines of red yarn between them to form connections adds to the pacing of the hour campaign, providing a paperwork break, as odd as that sounds, from occasionally tedious infiltration missions.

I'm looking forward to Xenonauts' sequel a lot. It's an exhausting distraction, having to click out flight paths for multiple jets, alternating between pausing and real-time to execute commands.

The best minigame is a bit of an oxymoron, but I like logic puzzles, and the "figure-out-the-passphrase" game of Mastermind that comes up in Fallout is okay.

It's not particularly hard, and it thankfully doesn't come up so often that it becomes completely onerous.

But it's never going to become a standalone spinoff like Gwent. The problem being you had to usually loop through the same responses multiple times to 'max out' your reputation with someone, and you could potentially play this game on every person you talk to.

It wasn't hard to figure out the rules of the game, and it was old and annoying after the first few times I did it. Unfortunately, there were hundreds more NPCs to persuade, and part of my brain wanted them all to love me.

I'm gonna almost completely disagree with Jarred here. I didn't think highly of it when I first played Oblivion, but darned if I don't miss its Speechcraft minigame.

These days I kinda wish there was a standalone version of it, like Gwent. It's absurd, naturally, in that the key to raising someone's opinion of you involves quickly admiring them, bragging about yourself, joking with them, and threatening them.

Threatening them! And even though each person hates having some of these things done to them, you still have to do all of them each time, just in a way that minimizes how much they hate it.

It's weird and nonsensical but it's also sort of a fun game, watching their expressions change as you hover over a colorful wedge-wheel before making a boast, saying they're pretty, threatening their life, and then dropping a zinger.

It's weird and pretty dumb, but I both love it and miss it. If Bethesda released it as an app I would play it daily. I do enjoy the little dingaling sound when you successfully hack in Bioshock: it's pleasant and soothing.

I got tired of it almost immediately, and I don't understand why there are pipes of water flowing through vending machines and sentry guns anyway.

I mean, thematically , I get it, but logically, making a machine love you and give you discounts shouldn't involve fixing their plumbing, unless they are actually toilets.

I've spent many, many hours across many playthroughs beating Final Fantasy 9's NPCs at the card game Tetra Master, and here's the dirty secret: I still don't understand how this game works.

Honestly, I'm convinced no one fully understands Tetra Master, including the people who designed it. And yet it's a blast despite that fact.

The core game is all about positioning cards on a grid, with each card representing a monster or character from FF9's extensive bestiary.

Cards have differing arrow layouts on their sides and corners that represent attacking, and the object is to turn your opponent's cards to your color by attacking them.

Whoever has the most cards of their color at the end wins. It's simple until you get into the strengths of the cards and what the mess of numbers and letters on them mean, at which point you'll have to consult a wiki.

And you probably still won't get it. But jockeying for positioning and setting off combos that ripple through multiple cards is somehow even more fun with the danger element of never being quite sure what the hell's going to happen.

You guys answering BioShock's pipe hacking minigame must never have played KotOR or blocked this from your memory, because it's infinitely shittier.

Multiplayer Casual Jewels Are you good at match-3 games? You can prove that by playing against other people online!

Farm Mania 2 Help Anna to operate her farm in the best possible way. Plant seeds, watch the fruits and vegetables Ugly Towers You're given with different shapes of blocks that you must create stable constructions watching out Stan Skates Ride your board to collect bonus points and jumping obstacles!

Nan Zuma Move your cannon degrees and fire colored balls on the chain to create a group of 3 or more same Flicking Soccer Choose your soccer team, score more goals from the opponent team in seconds and win all the matc Go To School Part 2 It's time for school!

Your mission is to help Carol get all the way across town and make it to schoo Anbot Help Anbot escape the factory in this action packed point and click game!

Baseball Juiced Choose your player, choose to give him steroids or sent him to the gym and hit as many home runs as Cargo Bridge 2 Build a bridge and test your construction skills.

With more levels, more bridge connections, more ca Heart Shaped Cake Decorate a heart shaped chocolate cake with pink frosting, candy hearts, fruits, sprinkles and roses Toon Rally Ride your bicycle and race with your favorite toon character against the rest and finish with the be Hidden Objects: Shoppers Edition Check out each of the stores and locate the items on your shopping list.

Careful—3 wrong clicks and Crazy Christmas With your cannon and limited number of snowballs, destroy the leprechauns constructions to complete Paper Mahjong A Mahjong on paper.

Match two identical tiles that are free from at least three sides to remove them Valentine Night of Kissing These two emo fans are taking a break from dancing on their Valentine's Date to share a romantic mom Miami Restaurant Welcome to Miami, the place where the sun is always shining!

You have to help Rebecca with running h Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows Solve this maritime mystery to reunite a pirate with his lost love!

Swap adjacent tiles to match 3 and clear them fro Snail Bob 8 - Island Story Snail Bob is up for his 8th adventure and this time, he's gone very far, he visited an abandoned isl Crazy Quilt Snuggle up with the Crazy Quilt game!

Match the blocks in sets of three or more. Match the patterns Knife Smash A cool skill game that needs fast reflexes.

Launch all your knives to hit the fruit, collect coins Ring Pass Not II Place the two sided tiles on the circle to form a 3 or more same color tiles in a row to earn points Princess Rapunzel Favourite Room Princess Rapunzel is very social, she always calls her friends to spend time with her in the palace It's the ti Battle Gear Send out your army to defeat the enemies and conquer all enemy territory to prove your strategic ski Solve puzzles and escape!

Pirate Ship Docking Navigate a pirate ship and dock on the highlighted spot at a busy port before the time expires witho Club Nitro Race around the track as you use your nitro and try to grab all the red tokens floating around.

Unfabulous Burger Bustle Addie Singer from the "Unfabulous" is working as a waitress in a burger shop in order to collect mon Oggy Mania This is little easier then the real thing.

Get 4 balls or more of the same color to touch each other Firefighter Escape Trapped inside the firefighters station, you need to find useful objects to put out the fire and the Mermaid Princess Make some mischief under the sea!

Dentist Slacking After eating all those sweets during the holiday season, Sarah needs to go visit the dentist, pronto Model Face Salon Make Up Imagine you own a fancy beauty salon where many stars come to get a new stylish look.

Right now a be Checkers Play Checkers against a friend or the AI and try to think many of yours and your opponents moves ahe Crescent Solitaire Challenge yourself with this fun variation of the traditional Solitaire.

Move all of the cards from Cars Drive your car on the highway and avoid other cars or else it's game over and you will need to resta Match more than 3 to ear Jelly Lam Help the jelly lamp to collect all stars while avoiding the obstacles and get the key to unlock the Gems Swap 2 Destroy gems by creating a line of 3 or more same color gems to destroy them.

Clear all the gems bef SpeedPlay World Soccer Choose to play with one of 32 national soccer teams and shoot many goals to help them conquer the Wo Battleship War First place the different sizes of ships in your fleet on the grid and then let the battle begin!

Incursion 2: The Artifact The kingdom needs you once again to fight against the forces of Darkness! Train warriors and defende Deep Sea Mahjong Complete over different exciting Mahjong puzzles, collect many treasures and find unique fishes Conundrum Raise 24 out of 25 blocks as fast as you can.

Billiards Play Billiards or Pool. Use the cue to shoot the white ball and get all the colored balls inside the The Citadel Garden Join Evelyn visiting the abandoned fortress believed by many people that is haunted, a place inhabit Mafia Billiard Tricks Play a challenging game of billiards against opponents who are members of the mafia!

Earn their resp Riddles of Rome Pomona is the goddess of fruitfulness in ancient Roman religion and her name comes from the Latin wo Ancient Maya Treasures Find the lost treasures of the Maya hidden in the ancient pyramids.

Line up horizontally or vertical As you consume m Set up your army an Put your bike riding skills to the test Mini Tower Defence Do you like defence games?

Have you tried mini Tower Defence mTD yet? A lot of upgrades, achieveme Road Assault 3 Use a big arsenal of weapons even grenades to protect your military cargo truck from enemy forces co Circus Solve the puzzle and place at the right spot various objects in order to make the clown bounce and e The Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 Guide Fancy Pants dude through levels filled with all sorts of obstacles and enemies like spiders, s Mad Burger Throw the burger as far away as possible to feed the hungry campers.

Earn points and spend them in t Maserati GranTurismo Are you fascinated by speed? Dare to become a racer who earns lots of money winning races and finish Popcorn Mania Open the door of popcorn machine and drag n drop the corn into the maker, and then press button ON Treasures of The Mystic Sea Match 3 or more identical treasure objects to break the tiles underneath.

Break them all before the She enjoys this location so much Net Blazer Shoot hoops from various angles and score as many points as possible before the time runs out to pro Vickys Cleaning Service The owner of the rooms that are included in the following game is little bit lazy because his place Spanthera Lizard enemies are invading your kingdom.

Defeat them and protect Spanthera using your holy spear vi Match Around The World Travel, around the world and match same gems horizontally or vertically the fastest possible to move Sleeping Princess Rose Garden Help sleeping princess Aurora to care for the palace's rose garden that has been withered due to ver Deserted Railway Join Gary who's a railway expert and inspect the old deserted railway station in a small village in Irutia: Little Squirrel Find the differences in the pictures of Irutia, the teacher who is teaching fables to little squirre Butter Chicken Butter chicken is a Pakistani dish from Punjab, popular in countries all over the world.

The origins Barbie Ice Cream Party Barbie isn't typically known for her ice cream parties, but tonight is going to change all of that Knife Break Throw a limited number of knives to the wooden target to break it!

Take your time trying not to hit Each level provides a new challenge. Poodle Care Have you ever been attacked by dogs in the park? This wonderful poodle parade is never going to end Gravitee War 1.

Stair Fall 2 Throw the stickman from the top of the stairs down trying to inflict the highest possible damage tra Torture Chamber 3 Torture the stick figure to cause severe pain but without killing it.

Squash, burn, choke and more Mario Mining Truck Mario is a truck driver for a big mining company in the Mushroom kingdom.

Help him load the truck fi Crazy Road Drive fast on the highway with your car and get as far as you can while avoiding the traffic to earn Girl Moto Racing Ride your bike in the most challenging cartoon like terrains and perform amazing jumps and stunts co Prom Slacking Tonight it's Sarah's school prom party and of course she's very excited.

Shew couldn't be more happi Parking Supercar City Drive your supercar in the city and park correctly in your spot to complete each level.

You need to Connect 2 Find paths of matching pictures and connect them to clear them. Clear all the tiles before the time

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